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The APEX Edge


Experience: We are skilled experts at composite and lightweight material manufacturing and are consistently at the leading edge of our field. We remain at the edge through design and manufacturing expertise, continuous improvement, and professional development. 

Innovation: We are curious, resourceful and adaptable. Solving the most advanced and complex problems is where we excel. 

Integrity: We are known for our honest and transparent approach. And trust is paramount when your mission is protecting and changing the world.

Quality: We make it right the first time. Upholding the highest standards, our commitment is on-time, defect-free delivery, while minimizing waste and costs.  

Collaboration: We are a customer-focused team that works alongside our partners. Count on us to be responsive, anticipate needs and exceed expectations. 

Business Units

APEX Space & Defense unites three expert business units, each with more than 40 years of experience in composite manufacturing. They have built their reputations on producing successful and specialized applications for the professional motorsports, automotive, drilling, aerospace and defense industries.  


American Racers


Since 1965

Santa Ana, CA 

From racing cars to advanced spaceflight structures, AAR specializes in high-performance, advanced composite structures for the aerospace, defense, motorsports and commercial industries. It is a leader in high-volume, mission-critical defense UAV programs. Customers trust AAR as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for design, machining, fabrication, composites, assembly and validation testing.

Advanced Composite  Products & Technology (ACPT)

Since 1977
Huntington Beach, CA 


ACPT is a recognized industry leader and innovator in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite applications for research, commercial, government and private institutions. It was the first to manufacture high-performance driveshafts. Since then, the company has produced successful, specialized applications for space, aviation, defense, professional motorsports, marine, converting, drilling and Class 7/8 trucking. 


Since 1979

Hayden, ID 

Unitech supports all segments of the aerospace market, with a focus on the defense sector, fixed wing and rotary aircraft. It was the original composite supplier to NASA’s Space Shuttle program​. The company excels in complex composite lamination and machining to extremely tight tolerances. As a result, it offers a wide selection of products from brackets and ducting to fairings and radomes.

Leadership Team

Tracy Glende

Chief Executive Officer, APEX

Alex Gurney

President, AAR Business Unit

Joyce Hagues

VP/GM, UCI Business Unit

Ryan Clampitt

President, ACPT Business Unit

Jorge Garcia

Chief Financial Officer, APEX

Simon Shackelton

Vice President Sales, APEX

Lilli Rodriguez

Vice President HR, APEX

Matt Smith

Vice President OI/IT, APEX

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